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Scientific execution of the landscape plans, specialization in Lawns, undulations and mounds.Successfull completion of the Time Bound projects. Plant specific and site specific media preparation. We reclaim the existing soil by scientific method to reduce project cost. Ability to plan and work along with the civil and the soft scape work.

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We have built a very professional team that includes highly qualified and experienced consultants. They are headed by a well-learned Architect who ensures that all the steps are taken for proper planning of the project including the civil and the soft scape work.

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Water Bodies

We have expertise in carrying out turnkey projects for construction of well-designed water bodies for beautiful landscaping. These include Waterfall, Fountains, Small Ponds and other water bodies. These end-to-end solutions include proper Survey, planning, Implementation and maintenance.

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Large Tree Transplantation

We have a very successful experience and track record in carrying out a large number of scientific transplantation of trees with high survival rate. These services are provided by Contracts and Consultancy

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We execute all kinds of maintained projects for various horticulture jobs through Land Maintenance Contracts.


We do have a stock of well grown lotus in cement pots.These pots are precast and seasoned.
Only lotus and only lotus pots are also available. The lotus can be home delivered and planted by our trained professional.

Koi Pond:-

The koi pond in your back yard can be made as per your requirement and will be a added attraction to your small home garden.

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Through our experience and continous efforts we have been able to deliver the vertical garden. Consultancy, installation and maintenance services for bio wall can be availed by clients at industry leading prices. We have a team of quality controllers and environmental experts who aid us in ensuring that the services undertaken by us comply with international standards. As per our practise we first study the site feasibility.Then after the study and a discussion with the client regarding the needs of the client and our practical suggestion about the vegetation we go ahead with the implementation. We do all this in a very time bound manner and fullfill the requirements of the client effectiently

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Other Gardens

These Vertical gardens,green roofs,green walls,bio walls living walls impart an aesthetic appeal and are highly appreciated for lowering the urban air temperature. Services and solutions offered by us can also be customized in accordance with the specific demands and preferences of clients. Maintenance services for living walls can also be provided by us. We provide the pregrown planters so as to give the site a complete look soon after the installation.

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Garden Maintaince

Is done by us at very competetive rates green roofs,green walls,bio walls,living wall repairs/maintainence:- Scientific post maintainence of the Vertical and by our professionally trained staff. This is done as per the need of the site and as per the requirement of the client